The teacher Denise   Spencer   is   British   but   has   lived   in   France   for   the   last   23   years.      She   first discovered   yoga   15   years   ago   through   the   club      ‘Yoga   Pour   Tous’   in   Salies   de   Béarn and   soon   became   passionate   about   the   discipline.      Thanks   to   the   club,   she   completed a   4-year   diploma   course   with   the   French   Federation   of      Hatha   Yoga   (FFHY)   The federation   teaches   traditional   Hatha   Yoga   according   to   the   ancient   texts   passed   on from master to pupil over thousands of years. She was a pupil of the founder of the FFHY,   Shri MAHESH  GHATRADYAL (1924-2007),   one of the first master yoga teachers to bring yoga to France in the 1950’s.     In addition to the diploma course, Denise was lucky enough to visit India     with Shri Mahesh exploring  the source of the teachings.              A vision : ‘Living-in-Yoga’                  For oneself, for the  world, for others …………….. Live in the moment present, in full mindfulness Act with respect and  honesty Fulfill one’s potential, use one’s gifts for the greater good